Hillside Phase 2 – day 4

Hillside Phase II day 4
A brief let up in the rain at about 10.15 gave us a brief opportunity to carry out a bit more work on both trenches.
The new cobbled surface in trench 1 was finally cleaned and made ready for photographing and drawing. Jane started to excavate a section in trench 2 whilst our finds department were poised like coiled springs ready to leap into action should the need arise. Such was their excitement that Pauline offered to do some cleaning of the mortar layer in trench 1 whilst Eileen stood over her holding an umbrella so she didn’t get wet. Finds today were few and far between although Jane did find a couple of ceramic marbles in her trench and a few odd bits of pottery were found in trench 1. By 12.15pm it was clear that the rain was coming back with a vengeance and even the appearance of Steve couldn’t prevent us abandoning play before he had chance to get his trowel dirty. A difficult but ultimately productive weekend. Many thanks to all of those who turned up yesterday and today it is very much appreciated. Fingers crossed for better weather next weekend.