About Lancaster and District Heritage Group


How it all began.

In 2014 Oxford Archaeology North ( OAN ) carried out a geophysical survey on an area of land between the castle and the quay for Beyond The Castle ( BTC ).

The results of the survey were made available to the public through a series of talks, pop up shops and guided walks.

It was through one of these talks that a community group originally known as “The Armchair Archaeologists “ was formed.

In late 2014 the group which had started to grow became formalised and changed its name to the Lancaster and District Heritage Group ( LDHG ).

Today we are a growing group with with more than 35 members and a large following on our Facebook page.

We continue to work with other groups but we also have our own projects that we look to develop and carry out.

What we have done so far

Since coming together as LDHG we have undertaken several projects independently and as part of a team working with other groups;

Spring 2014 Bulb planting on the grassed areas of St Georges Quay ( in association with BTC )

November 2014 Hack Lancaster – We provided members for the Public Display Area ( in association with BTC )

May 2015 The Quay Then and Now. Photographic comparrison project to show through photography some of the various stages of development of the Quay. (LDHG project )

June 2015 Green Ayre Railway presentation. A look back at the history of some of our local but now closed railway lines ( LDHG project ).

September 2015 Quay Meadow 2015. The first forray of LDHG into the world of investigative archaeology (LDHG project with support from The Duchy of Lancaster, BTC, DigVentures and others)

October 2015 The Richmond Trench re-excavation on the bathhouse field (supporting a BTC project ).

February 2016 The Wagon and Horses investigation. LDHG were invited to investigate some potential archaeology found in the pub cellar. Samples were taken, sketches made and theories started to formulate. All of the archaeology has been sent for further analysis so whatch out for further updates. ( LDHG project).

The future

LDHG has a number of projects that it is considering, some may involve us working in partnership with others but some will be LDHG independent projects.

We are still very early in the planning stage so details are a bit thin but as soon as plans start to firm up we shall be posting details on our web site and on our Facebook page

Our 2015 Roman excavation